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Our Purpose

Project Bloom: Girls 2 Women’ initiative is a global movement promoting personal development to help girls and women be their best selves, so that we can make this world a better place for us all. We are dedicated to empowering girls and women with education, skills, and knowledge. Our hope is that by providing this opportunity, women and girls can become the best version of themselves and reach their full potential.  Given the circumstances, they can obtain their dreams and aspirational levels of success. Women are role models, especially for other girls. Girls grow into beautiful women who constantly embrace change and  adapt to this evolving ever-changing world of life.

Who We Serve


CEO/Founder, AAS, BA, MA, MSA, EDS, PhD

Chief Learning Officer

GED to PhD
Born to Empower Others

My purpose is to empower others, so we can rise above together to become our best selves. My desire is for girls and women to play their role in making the world a better place for all to live. Married and dropped out of high school at the age of 16, only to realize, I needed an education, to obtain the life of my dreams. My strength was knowing that only the grace of a higher power would make it possible for me to make it, as I was a young Black teen who lived in a state of poverty and disparity.


Today I am a first generation—college graduate who is truly grateful to have progressed from a G.E.D. to PhD. On my educational journey, I have achieved the following milestones:

  • PhD, Adminstrative & Organizational Studies, & Performance – Wayne State University
  •  Education Specialist, Curriculum, Learning Design, & E-Learning – Wayne State University
  •  Master of Arts in Corporate Training & Adult Learning – Central Michigan University
  •  Master of Science in Global Administration – Central Michigan University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Western Michigan University
  •  Associate Degree in Applied Science – Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  •  G.E.D. General Education Diploma – Benton Harbor High School

My life experiences are a testament to education’s ability to improve lives and change one’s identity. I believe that I was born to be an exemplary role model, leading the way to helping others believe in themselves to pursue and obtain their desired level(s) of success.

I hope to leverage and utilize my life’s unique experiences, in supporting girls and women, to become their best selves so that we can make this world a better place for all people.

               Core Principles


Follow Rules


Be Self-Motivated

self love (1)

Have Self Love & Self Esteem


Positive Growth Mind-Set & Good Physical Health


Maintain Positive Good Academic Standing


Be Coachable


Give and Take Feedback


Respect Others

keep goingv3

Keep Going & Don’t Give Up

lifelong learningv2

Be Inventive


Participate in Fundraising & Volunteering Events


Be a Life-Long Learner & valued Citizen

Our Team


Vicki Golden, PhD

CEO/Founder, AAS, BA, MA, MSA, Eds, PhD, & Chief Learning Officer

Krystol Skipper

Vice President & Director of Diversity and LGBTQ Development

Jill Blackwell, PhD

Director of Behavioral Health Wellness, and Stress Management

Char'vae Golden, BS

Director of Motivation and Achievement

Kearia Gaines, AAS

Financial Administrator


Office Adminstrator

Kita Montgomery, BS

Director of Entrepreneurship

Ashley Golden, BA, Student

Marketing Director
kisha 22

LaKisha Provost

Youth Team Supervisor