…Seeding Nations Of Bloomers

Our Vision

Our vision is to make this world a better place for all by inspiring girls and women to become world change agents who will not only improve themselves but help others aspire to reach their levels of success.

Our mission is to empower you!

The mission of Project Bloom’s ‘Girls 2 Women’ initiative, is to empower  and inspire girls and women globally, so we can rise above and develop a never-ending quest to be our best selves. We value:




Our Motivational Affirmation

Our motivational affirmation is based on everyone having self-motivation to bloom whenever it is time to bloom. We are proactive and not reactive. We remember to bloom as early as we can and knowing that it’s never to late to bloom. As we bloom, we will seed a nation of bloomers.

Our Mascot

Our mascot is the lotus flower because it grows in the mud and becomes a beautiful flower. The dirtier the mud, the more the lotus flower becomes more beautiful. For us, the mud represents challenges and barriers that life presents us in different situations. When we face adverse situations, we are like the lotus flower because we are beautiful when we overcome  life obstacles.

Our Official Bird

We have adopted the bald eagle as our official bird to symbolize our spirit to fly and soar high above all our challenges and obstacles to reach our life dreams and aspirations.  We will always strive to excel and place ourselves in favorable situations as we disregard crow like unfavorable instances that could hinder our growth and development.  Here are some facts about bald eagles and crows:

Bald eagles

  • Are the official symbol of strength and freedom of the United States of America
  • Can fly as high as 10,000 feet when they soar
  • Require very little oxygen to fly and breathe in higher altitudes then most other birds that typically can only fly below 500 feet to breathe so they can live


  • Good learners, inquisitive, problem-solvers, very social and can form flocks in the thousands
  • They can sometimes be mischievous and represent unfavorable situations

Core Solutions


The value of education is priceless. It can play a significant role in shaping a person' s future and purpose. Life-long learning is when we value education as a life-long process.

Life Knowledge

Knowledge helps us solve life's issues and concerns. Knowledge is useful information. With the proper knowledge, we are in a better position to face this world of ever-changing opportunities and challenges.


Proper skills will allow girls and women to have more options and opportunities to enhance their life dreams and aspirations.

join us and become a member

Project Bloom girls 2 women membership is diverse and open to all girls and women. We welcome all race, color, national origin, religion,  sexual orientation  and/or disabilities.